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AMRT Enterprises, LLC is a virtual/personal assistant corporation based in Sugar Land, Texas. Our focus is nationwide small to medium businesses who require detailed side work that consumes an abundant amount of time and places major constraints on the business owners. Often times these tasks are financial based and involve bookkeeping, financial tracking, spreadsheets etc. Tasks that are very important to the successful operation of your business, and consume a large amount of your time are the services we provide to help you run a smooth business. Our goal is to relieve the business owner from those day to day operations so that they can spend more time developing and promoting their business. Typically, this would require additional personnel. Most small business are limited and run on tight budgets. This is where we shine. We are a subcontractor with secure SSL servers to send proprietary and sensitive financial information electronically and keep the integrity of your data safe. This relieves the business owner of the need to hire extra staff to tend to these projects as well as not having to pay additional taxes to employ extra personnel.

Along with bookkeeping, we also perform personal assistant tasks for example..

- event planning

- answering your business phone

- making appointments

and virtually anything you don't have the time to do in your daily business life.


 Call us today for a comprehensive look at what we can do for you.

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