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Ann M. Turner, President/CEO

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Let us help you by scheduling a free consultation of your business and your life. We can take the stress away from you too.

Helping people is a passion of mine. Being a middle school math teacher for four years was challenging and fun, and I liked working with children of that age. I left teaching to stay at home and devote my time to raise a family. Happily, and to my surprise I was back in the schools volunteering for my children's teachers, mentoring and helping the school in whatever capacity I could.

As my children were heading to college, I realized I needed to find something else to do. I started working with a CPA part-time helping with administrative duties and learning bookkeeping.


I have my bookkeeping certification and am a quickbook pro advisor.

Realizing I still needed to feed my passion, it was suggested that I become a virtual assistant which would allow me to help people have more time in their busy schedule.


I found that I could handle administrative duties for them so they can be more profitable with their business or in their private lives.


It gives me a true sense of accomplishment to know that I can help people handle something that was stressing them out or overwhelming them and by hiring me, all of that anxiety and stress can go away.

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